Finding My Way Hesitantly

I have degrees galore, having started in physics, added math, and French, then pursued a doctorate in French at UCLA. But they were wrong about how people learn languages; so I moved to USC,  School of Education, ’cause I had to prove how we could all learn.

With a doctorate in learning theory and philosophy, I did a post-doc in sociology, having recognized that context mattered more than most anything else. Then, an urgent need for a day job turned me into a Professor of Sociology, though I didn’t seem to fit there either.

Peter, a colleague, got it right, I think, when he said, “Better than any of us, you have managed to create a space in which you can survive.”  Yes, a space in which  I was safe, and with such stories along the way! Almost as if I’d fallen down a rabbit hole!

This blog is meant to tell those stories with all their quirks and zany adventures, complete with illustrations. Of course, the price of such eclecticism is that I’m always having to learn something new.  I almost got through themes today, but I still haven’t found how to upload my images.

Oops, Bill Maher is on. My husband just called. I’ll have to upload images tomorrow.

love and peace,



About Jeannie the Red Jay

Emeritus Professor, lawyer, physicist, mathematician, French teacher, Ph.D. in learning theory and philosophy. Artist, wife, mother, political activist. Teller of ever so many stories gathered along the way. Emeritus Prof. in sociology at California State University, Domingeuz Hills. Web Mistress for Dear Habermas in research study with Susan R. Takata of the University of Wisconsin, Parkside: Study of Social Network Analysis in Developing a Public Sphere in Local Communities, Real and Virtual.
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