Respecting Knowledge

This is Susan, Chair of the Criminal Justice Department, at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside. She’s been teaching cross-country with me for longer than either of us cares to admit. She’s the co-author of our website, Dear Habermas.

It’s dark. It’s late. Because this is mostly my story, and because I brighten even at the site of red, I wanted to call myself The Red Jay. That has a lot to do with my stories. I know, I know. Most American blue jays are blue. I guess that’s why they’re called blue jays.  Duh!

But as I tried to play with Zemanda, I twisted down one wrong pathway after another. I will never again replace my entire computer system at once. In desperation I just flipped over to Flickr and looked up jay birds. To my surprise I found an image of a jay who wasn’t all blue, black, and white. In an image at Gale’s Photos I found him, and he was not only beautiful, he was different enough that I felt a certain kinship. He’s at

Do check him out. Unable to grab him for my own, I did the next best thing I could manage. I opened Paint, with tools and stuff I’d never seen, and whipped up my first painting of the Red Jay. OK. So, he’s pink. But for a jay, that’s got to be radical, n’est-ce pas?

Here’s my masterpiece. I’ll do better. But not tomorrow. I’ve got to learn CSS and Java Script.

Wait!  I  did it!

The Red Jay

Oh, the embarassment of diving in “head first. ”  So you won’t get these images today. I got a message anyway suggesting that I buy more space. Gee, that sounds familiar. But this is supposed to be a great production. I’ll just remember to tell that to Arnold. (He’s my husband; not a blue jay.  I do have a drawing of him from 1995 that I labelled  “Arnold in flight.” But that depends on how much space costs.

See how they're blue! Blue Jays. that is.

See how they're blue!

See, he’s blue. Lovely, but definitely not red. I seem to be suffering a gender identification problem, too. I think I called both the Pink Jay and the Blue Jay  “he.” Clear gender confusion. I was looking for a Red Jay so that I could identify with his scoundrelish ways. There see, I did it again.  “His.” Pace, O’Reilly, but this must be what happens when you jump in head first.

I was trying to do this all very properly, organized well, and all that sort of thing.  Respecting knowledge is a passionate interest for me. So it mattered to start off with that. But it looks like organization and illustration will have to come just a little later.

 It’s 11:30 p.m. So I think this post is about to turn into notes to myself. Then you’ll know what’s coming.

One of the first things I grabbed today was from Learn Word Press, Get Acquainted Section:

          “But only the people involved in making the news get to see what happens behind the scenes. The part of your blog seen by the world-at-large is the show that airs on TV, the final result of all the hard work contributed by the writers, producers, and film crew.”

           My comments follow, and I’d suggest ignoring the links. I thought when I checked “apply all” for recommendations, they were going to let me see what they were. They didn’t. Maybe it’s because they’re blue jays, hmmm?

Good analogy for helping people define level of competence they want to accomplish. This is one of the things our exhibitions accomplished. They were our equivalent of the actual appearance on TV.

The analogy is actually more complicated than that because not all people are equally competent at all skills. That’s why collaborative work is so important. Folks can work at what they do best in a collaborative workspace.

Here’s where I need to use the drawing with balls. The kid and the father or teacher roll all the balls into a pyramid. Then the adult says “Look what I did.” When several people work

together there must be some kind of understanding as to how overall accountability is handled. The kid may resent that his work was diminished by the adult’s taking of the credit. This goes on all the time in college classes, and everywhere else these days.

For that drawing with the balls I need JavaScript and animation. I’m not going to tackle the rest of this post tonight.

goodnight until tomorrow, 17 minutes late, but I hope it will count for October 1, 2011.

Jeannie, the Red Jay


About Jeannie the Red Jay

Emeritus Professor, lawyer, physicist, mathematician, French teacher, Ph.D. in learning theory and philosophy. Artist, wife, mother, political activist. Teller of ever so many stories gathered along the way. Emeritus Prof. in sociology at California State University, Domingeuz Hills. Web Mistress for Dear Habermas in research study with Susan R. Takata of the University of Wisconsin, Parkside: Study of Social Network Analysis in Developing a Public Sphere in Local Communities, Real and Virtual.
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