Expanding Exponentially

The universe is speeding up. Our astrophysicists have told us that. But so is the world we live in. I just came across the Meta-Activist Project, describing the problem with every tom, dick, and harry, or jane, susie, and harriette starting their own Stamp Out AIDS Project.  I immediately realized that we should connect, since we are planning to collect data that might help with integrating the many different groups in coming together effectively. But I couldn’t find any way to contact them.

Granted that I’m tired, and sometimes what I’m looking for is right there in front of me. But anybody starting a non-profit startup is tired. We need to develop stronger awareness of the obstacles that confront us in uniting. Last night I sent for a sign for my front yard for OWS, Occupy Wall Street.

Last year at Halloween I wore a sign that said “I am not a witch,” in honor of a well-celebrated Senate race. Tonight Arnold (husband) said, “You know that sign you wore last year? Do you think you could make it say this year, “I’m one of the 99%,  but I wish I were one of the 1%?” I was in the middle of a great risotto, and hardly thinking seriously when I answered, “Of course, I’ll make you one.” But now I’m back in the library and

I'm one of the 99%, and PROUD of it!

dealing with serious stuff again, and I think I should have added, “If you’ll let me wear one that says, “I’m one of the 99%, and proud of it!” I reject the questionable ethics and humanity of those who are proud of maintaining the 1%.

Susan and I are working at taking our public-sphere project out into the community and offering our skills, both online and in the reality that’s “really real” to restructure and offer practice at public discourse: talking about social, economic, and ethical issues that matter to all of us. Ever since I can remember, I’ve heard that I shouldn’t discuss such things. THAT WAS WRONG!

If we don’t discuss such things, those who would put themselves first and the community somewhere way behind, could do so in what I used to call “the men’s room.” If they don’t accomplish much else, segregated restrooms definitely provide the men a place where they can use those unmentionable words (that women, of course, have never heard) and engage in unmentionable acts, and engage in acts of injustice about which the women are not privy to. Shame on them.

Of course, if the women hadn’t fainted at away at the sight and/or sound of the unmentionable words, the men might not have retired to the segregated restroom. Women have to learn not to cling to that dainty goddess on a platform. And men have to learn not to deny any longer that the world has definitely changed.

Professor Christine Romer actually said the F word on the Bill Maher show. Softly, blushingly; but she said it. I know. I saw that episode. And I was proud of her. We’re all on this earth together, and we might as well start acting like it. My husband only wishes he were part of the 1% because his mother was so proud of his brother who played in Carnegie Hall. Mother fantasized  that brother’s fame and musical genius would bring her riches and royal status. Sorry, Mother. It never happened that way. And I’ll be happier when Arnold realizes how much more wonderful he is for rejecting the inhumanity of letting someone die for want of the wealth to pay for medical care. Oh, I’m sorry. He does believe that. He’s said some very unkind things about Eric Cantor.  I’ll just have to nudge him a little to remind him that being one of the 1% would mean that he’d have to justify his ethics in accepting the overall wealth distribution as just.  Oh, that’s right. Warren Buffett just did that, didn’t he?

This is the problem. We’re all living in the fast lane, as women did during the second phase of the Feminist movement. Now even the earth itself is moving in the fast lane, risking universe expansion that could plausibly lead to the universe falling off the edge of what is now considered a possibly flat universe. But flat has edges. One could, indeed, fall off.  Fast lanes, on roads that lead we know not where, paths not taken before, might just lead to edges off which we could fall. We really do need to slow down at least enough to connect.

As Bret Easton Ellis reminded us in Less Than Zero  people are afraid to connect. And sometimes, when we have day jobs, and night jobs, and kids, and parents there’s not really much time to connect. Susan and I believe that the work we are doing is important, so we’re trying to make time to connect. I want to connect with Meta-Activist Project, because maybe their think tank knows better than we do how to connect. http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=113206808768597&id=113013192121292

And now, I’m going upstairs to Arnold, to watch Bill Maher.

love and peace, and goodnight until tomorrow. Then I’ll go back and hunt for Meta-Activist Project

Jeannie the Red Jay


About Jeannie the Red Jay

Emeritus Professor, lawyer, physicist, mathematician, French teacher, Ph.D. in learning theory and philosophy. Artist, wife, mother, political activist. Teller of ever so many stories gathered along the way. Emeritus Prof. in sociology at California State University, Domingeuz Hills. Web Mistress for Dear Habermas in research study with Susan R. Takata of the University of Wisconsin, Parkside: Study of Social Network Analysis in Developing a Public Sphere in Local Communities, Real and Virtual.
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