It’s a Ghost

Whoosh! Three days flew right past my nose. I could feel the breeze. I shivered, not from cold, from confusion and fear. That’s a ghost! Hovering over Catrina. I knew I should have crocheted at least a hundred little ghosts. Oh, well, too late now!

The Hauntin’s a-Comin’: The Ghost Is Right Here

Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead. The ghost is , of course, real. But Catrina is free form crochet.  But I have to confess, the garage is a mess and Catrina has flown off to a haunting tonight, leaving me quite alone with all this hard work!

Great pictures of Day of the Dead in L.A. at Lrntn’s blog on

But Catrina and Godfrey’ll be back tomorrow, to help me start our novel. Yes, she’ll be in it. And Godfrey, too. And a werewolf and fairies and leprechauns, too. But I promise we’ll find time for you. We’ll put up pictures and instructions, too, on how to make Catrina and dancing knights, too.

Witch Makes Off with Children

The story’s here. You’re welcome to copy it and share it with friends (Creative Commons License):

Day of the Dead Los Angeles

Day of the Dead in Los Angeles.

They looked up AT THE SKY and SHRIEKED!

It’s a Witch! It’s a Witch! Flying off with our Kids!

 Oh, Goodness! Oh, Gracious! Oh, what can we do???

 Now, don’t get excited, And don’t be misled.

Their house was afire! They might have been dead!

What the Good Witch WANTED


* * * * * *

Seeing is believing. Well, most of the time, yes . . . But caution and wonder may clear up the confusion before a mess of distress.

Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead



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