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Emeritus Professor, lawyer, physicist, mathematician, French teacher, Ph.D. in learning theory and philosophy. Artist, wife, mother, political activist. Teller of ever so many stories gathered along the way. Emeritus Prof. in sociology at California State University, Domingeuz Hills. Web Mistress for Dear Habermas in research study with Susan R. Takata of the University of Wisconsin, Parkside: Study of Social Network Analysis in Developing a Public Sphere in Local Communities, Real and Virtual.

Surviving the Middle Ages, the 21st Century, and my Government

I’m halfway home, surviving  my first novel. It’s nothing like I thought it would be. No wonder I can’t remember anything about the last time I tried it, which must have been almost ten years ago.  It’s a blank altogether. … Continue reading

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It’s a Ghost

Whoosh! Three days flew right past my nose. I could feel the breeze. I shivered, not from cold, from confusion and fear. That’s a ghost! Hovering over Catrina. I knew I should have crocheted at least a hundred little ghosts. … Continue reading

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No, I Still Didn’t Run Away

Although I must admit, I considered it again. I keep remembering Sleepless in Seattle, when Meg Ryan says, “It’s a sign.” Yep. It’s a sign. I’ve downloaded software to write my novel, read about six books on how to write … Continue reading

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I Ran Away

OK. I admit it. I ran away. I tried to download writing software for NaNoWriMo and made the biggest mess I’ve ever seen on one poor computer. Bless it’s heart; the computer’s that is. I’ve got the right files in … Continue reading

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Coming of Age?

The world is an extraordinarily exciting place; and I love it. But I’ve got to draw a line in the sand and stop trying to do everything, all at once.  I’m behaving like a child in a candy store. I … Continue reading

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I’m back; but I did consider running away

I am not brave. I’d rather stay home behind my computer keyboard than hike the Galapagos bravely. I can do quite well with National Geographic’s films of Blue-Footed Boobies, [ ] if I’d have to wait around all day on … Continue reading

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The Road Not Taken

It’s too early in this blog about what Susan and I did with Dear Habermas to know precisely where we’re going. There’s a lot of data preserved from our 14 years of maintaining the website. And as we restructure it, … Continue reading

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